Protector XC
It has the following adventages:

  • No salt required
  • No back-washing required
  • No regeneration cycle needed
  • No increase in acidity of water
  • No increase of sodium levels in water
  • Cleans and prevents scaling
  • Extremely healthy water
  • One tank system conserves space
  • No drain connections
  • No chemical cleaning needed
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Rich in minerals preserved as a buffer maintaining alkaline water levels
Silica Gravel
  • Used in this system to polish water to a sparkling clarity.
  • Its mining operations have a very limited environmental impact, so it is a green alternative to other media sources.
  • This is an extremely durable gravel with a long lasting life span and a high temperature threshold.
  • The high density of the material allows it to catch less dense silt particles.
  • Aids in the reduction of water turbidity.
  • Has multiple benefits for a low cost.
This media transforms calcium and magnesium ions into Nano-crystals which are stable and can sustain temperatures up to 380°C before their structure is altered. This means that it can withstand residential hot water tanks which typically never exceed 60°C. Simply put this system doesn’t add anything to your water it merely alters the molecular structure of the dissolved solids that are already in your water.

The Nano-crystals that result from this molecular change are so incredibly tiny that the water flow alone is enough to wash them away, thus preventing hard water deposits that would normally be left behind. This also means that the pH of your water is not altered by any added minerals and it preserves the healthy alkaline level of the water. These minerals that have been transformed into tiny crystals act as a buffer  to any acidic content in the water. These harmless particles can NOT attach to pipes, hardware, heat components, or other surfaces. 

This is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional water softeners as it does not require a salt brine backwash cycle.