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QMP 605S

QMP605S is a custom made quartz sleeve to hold the associated UV lamp.

This quartz sleeve offers protection against water flow, breakage, leakage, temperature fluctuations, and environmental hazards.

The function of quartz sleeve is to isolate the lamp from the water and help the lamp maintain its operating temperture.
QMP 605T

QMP605T is a UV lamp transformer 10Watt.

It is available in 220 Volts & 110 Volts. This is merely the connection we use to power the UV lamp inside your filter.
QMP 605L

QMP605L is a custom made UV lamp for our water filtration products. This UV lamp is used in our Ultraviolet system to address issues of bacteria in water.

UV lamps are one of the only systems that actually stop bacteria from replicating in your water.

The UV rays emitted from this lamp penetrate the DNA of the bacteria, permanently disabling their ability to reproduce in someone’s water supply. Ultraviolet technology is one of a few technologies that disinfects the water without the use of chemicals. This is the most highly recommended product to address the issue of bacteria in a water source.