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Faucet Installation Instructions Non Air-Gap
QMP100, QMP101 and QMP102

  1. Use existing spray hose hole, or
  2. Drill 7/16” or 1/2” hole in sink top. Recommend carbide drill, use tape to protect sink top.
  3. Slide black plastic washer onto faucet shank.
  4. Slide rubber washer onto faucet shank.
  5. Insert shank through hole in sink.
  6. Slide locating washer, followed by locking washer onto shank under sink.
  7. Thread brass nut onto shank, position faucet and tighten nut.
  8. Slide compression nut, plastic ferrule (taper towards faucet shank) onto 1/4” plastic tube.
  9. Install brass insert inside 1/4” tube.
  10. Hand tighten compression nut to faucet shank.
  11. Using a wrench tighten 1 to 1-1/2 turns.
  12. Check for leaks and correct operation.

1 year limited warranty

Faucet Installation Instructions

  1. A hole with a diameter of 1-3/8” should be drilled through counter top, with hole center at least 1-1/2” away from any obstructions, both above and below the counter top.
  2. Install faucet and filter assembly into hole.
  3. Screw large plastic wing nut onto filter housing from below the counter, then tighten while making sure that the rotational position of the unit is set to your preference.
  4. Turn off cold water angle stop valve under the sink and open then close cold water faucet to release the inline pressure.
  5. Install black T-fitting either between the cold water angle stop valve and flex line going to faucet, or between cold water flex line and sink faucet.   Make sure the threads match before installing (1/2” pipe thread).
  6. Attach one end of the provided water feed tubing to the T-fitting and the other end to the ball valve located at the bottom of the filter housing.
  7. Make sure all connections are tight then turn on cold water angle stop valve and check for any leaks.
  8. Purge (clean out) your new filtered water system for about 2 minutes, then enjoy clean, pure, and healthy drinking water!
Filter Installation Instructions

  1. Close ball valve at the bottom of the filter housing (under counter).
  2. Purge excess water out of the system by turning on faucet until there is no water is coming out.
  3. Carefully grasp the faucet base and turn counter-clockwise ¼ turn to unlock faucet and cartridge from the filter housing.
  4. Lift faucet and cartridge out of the filter housing then pull cartridge out from the bottom of the faucet and replace with new cartridge.
  5. Lower faucet and new cartridge into filter housing and turn clockwise ¼ turn to lock faucet back into the filter housing.
  6. Purge new filter cartridge for about 2 minutes, then enjoy clean, pure, and healthy drinking water again!