Atlantis is a whole-house water filter used to filter your water to a sparkling clean clarity. This one tank system has no drain connections and removes, Solid particles, Dissolved solids, Chlorine and Chloramine, bad taste and odor, and other impurities.

The media used in this system rapidly decomposes compounds such as hydrogen sulfide and chloramine. The carbon has a much higher surface area than most other brands which enables them to remove larger quantities of organic species which may be present. Note: The media bed is customizable to any specifications and needs.

Spartan benefits:
No chemicals, No bed fires, No disposal problem, High quality coconut shell.
Min. Feed Pressure: 35 psi
Operating Pressure: 150 psi
Minimun Feed: 55 GPM
Maximum Feed: 50 GPM
Maximum Hardness: 15 Grains/Gallon
Maximum TDS: 2000 ppm
Minimun NaCl % Rejection: 96%
Nominal NaCl % Rejection: 98.5%
pH Range: 3-11
Maximum Temperature: 105°F