QMP605-DBL Double Countertop
The QMP605DBL Countertop Water Filter System comes only in a crisp white color housing and holds two carbon block 10" L x 2.5" W water filter cartridges as well as one UV lamp and quartz sleeve. This is an ultraviolet system that stops harmful bacteria from replicating by altering their DNA rendering them essentially harmless. This counter top system comes with the same diverter valve as QMP602 to connect to your kitchen faucet that allows you to switch between filtered water and tap water. This filtration system also comes with a direct faucet connection to allow for express access to purified water from the countertop system. (Note: The clear housing is used here so you can see into the filtration system but, it doesn’t come with a clear housing.)
Double Countertop Components:
QMP507 Tall Spout W/ White tip
QMP505 Elbow 1/4 Comp
QMP503 Elbow Spout
QMP502 Diverter Valve Compression 1/4
QMP300CT C.T. ONLY non-pressure housing
QMP700 1/4" Tubing in 3Ft Length White
QMP538 Double CTS Stand
QMP605S Quartz sleeve
QMP605L UV Lamp
QMP506 Twin Hex Nipple