The QMP602 Countertop Water Filter System is white and holds one standard 10" L x 2.5" W water filter cartridge. The counter top system comes with a diverter valve to connect to your kitchen faucet. The diverter valve allows you to switch between filtered water and unfiltered water. The QMP602 countertop water filtration system also comes with a connected faucet to directly access filtered water from the countertop system. This counter top filtration system is compact and fits nicely on most kitchen counter tops.
Single Counter Top Components:
QMP507 Tall Spout W/ White tip
 QMP505 Elbow 1/4 Comp
QMP503 Elbow Spout
 Diverter Valve Compression 1/4
QMP300CT C.T. ONLY non-pressure housing
 QMP700 1/4" Tubing in 3Ft Length White
QMP539 Single CTS Stand