QMP602DVR Single Counter Top
The QMP602DVR Counter Top Water Filter System comes in a crisp white color and holds one standard 10" L x 2.5" W water filter cartridge.

This counter top system comes with a diverter valve return to connect to your kitchen faucet. The diverter valve allows you to switch between filtered water and unfiltered water with a custom designed pin to prevent the mixing of tap water and purified water.

This valve return also has a convenient feature that allows the tip of the valve for the filtered water to be easily removed so you can clean the stainless steel mesh. This exquisite system is compact and fits quite nicely on any kitchen counter top.
double counter top
Single Counter Top Components:
QMP505 Elbow 1/4 Comp
QMP502 Diverter Valve Comp 1/4 Return
QMP700 1/4" Tubing in 5Ft Length White
QMP300CT C.T. ONLY non-pressure housing
QMP539 Single CTS Stand
QMP700 1/4" Tubing in 3Ft Length White